A few successes from my portfolio

Produced cooking show segments for cookbook author

Shows made with Canadian talent Rose Reisman, certified nutritionist, expert cook and cookbook author. Produced 9 cooking segments.

Publicist for chef, artist ...

Created revolutionary digital magazine

Pioneered the launch of a web magazine when websites and blogs were just being invented. Attracted 3000 members in 12 months, and generated solid advertising revenue. Featured personality profiles, style, travel and many other topics. 

Promoted performing artist

Rebranded and grew technology company

Instrumental in growing private technology company, with no external funding, from $0 to $42M annually: on a shoestring.

Took charge of all corporate communications, and helped the company stay profitable year after year. 

Story-telling workshops for global  corporation

Developed virtual workouts with fitness professionals

Pioneered this emerging technology with two fitness experts when mobile workouts were only just beginning.